Aerospace Packaging Solutions

Aluminum Barrier Foil Aerospace Packaging

Aerospace Packaging manufactured from aluminum barrier foil protects and preserves aerospace engines and spare parts from corrosion in a cost-effective, efficient way during storage and transport.

Due to aluminium barrier foils low water vapor transmission rate they protect products from moisture, oxygen ingress, U.V. rays, grease and many other corrosion-causing elements.

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We are capable of manufacturing aluminum barrier packaging that will cover an entire aircraft, wings, engines and other aerospace equipment you need protecting.

Key Points:

  • No need to use preservation methods, which require cleaning.
  • Static dissipative foil laminates are available for anti-static products.
  • Military Specification (QPD Listed, Class 1 MIL-PRF-131K) barrier laminates available.
  • No limitations on the size or shape of our packaging formats.
  • The amount of desiccant required is reduced.
  • No minimum order quantities.
  • Industry leading, lead times.

Before I started working with 3D Barrier Bags there was no other way to preserve parts and assembled aircraft engines other than pickling and fogging.