Government Contracting Services

Military Specification Protection

We have our own military specification, barrier foil laminates approved to MIL-PRF-131K Class 1 that are listed under our name on the US Naval Lab’s Qualified Products database, confirming the performance and standards required for such materials.

Custom-made vapor barrier bags and liners manufactured from our QPD Listed, MIL-PRF-131K, Class 1 laminates provide total protection for any product susceptible to corrosion during storage and transportation. All of our packaging solutions are manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards in our hand fabrication and automated facility.

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What We Do

3D Barrier Bags Inc, design and manufacture a range of military specification packaging solutions for the Military and Defense industry. Our aluminum foil bags and liners safeguard equipment from moisture, oxygen ingress, U.V. rays, grease and many other corrosion-causing elements.

Aluminum barrier foils have the lowest transmission rates of any known flexible material, maintaining the residual moisture and oxygen levels within tolerance.

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