About us

3D Barrier Bags Inc is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturer of custom-fit high barrier bags and liners based in Orlando, Florida.

We are specialists in the field of dried product protection and corrosion prevention, offering customized solutions, which are supported by our industry-leading lead times to a client base that includes some of the largest corporations in the world.

Being a part of the Protective Packaging Ltd group has enabled us to become the only company in its field with manufacturing capabilities on either side of the Atlantic, allowing us to serve your global needs.

Aluminum Barrier Foil: 

Aluminum Barrier Foil protects any product from deterioration due to moisture, oxygen ingress, U.V. light, temperature extremes, odors and much more.

The performance of Aluminum Barrier Laminates is determined by their Moisture Vapor Transmission rate (W.V.T.R.), which at <0.01g/100inches²/24hr for the laminate itself and less than <0.05g/100inches²/24hr for converted laminates, is lower than any known flexible packaging material.

To compare Polyethylene, with a thickness of 25um, allowing water vapor and aggressive gasses to diffuse at a rate of up to 4g/100inches²/24hr, which is 80 times faster!

Water Vapor Transmission Rater Bar Chart

Within a hermetically sealed Aluminum Barrier Bag, a calculated amount of desiccant can be added to the bag to ensure that the relative humidity (RH) remains below 40% – the starting point for corrosion.

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3D Barrier Bags Inc provides a great service, fast production and delivery with ongoing support. Great company, great product, great people.